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Classes at HPG

HPG welcomes students at all levels to its classes. Wheel classes emphasize creating containers such as bowls, platters, plates, vases, pitchers and tea pots, as well as decorative objects. Handbuilding classes use coils, slabs, extruded shapes and pinch pots to construct either decorative or functional objects, including Ikebana containers. Handbuilding is recommended for those without previous ceramics experience.

The term is 10 weeks. Each class meets three hours per week. Tuition is $175 ($160 for HPG members—members have taken four classes and have paid annual membership dues); clay is $30-$38, which covers the cost of glazes and firing (clay must be purchased at HPG). Basic tools are available for $20, if needed. Payment by check only, please.


There is no extra charge for using the studio any time it is open (normally 9AM - 6PM & 7PM - 9PM, Monday - Friday with somewhat shorter hours on Saturday & Sunday) except during class times, when the area used by the class is restricted to class members.

We hope that new and returning students will read a little more about What HPG Expects of Students, Becoming a Part of the HPG Community, Personal Kuleana Choices and Sitters' Kuleana Choices for Independents.

2017 HPG Class & Interim Calendar

Winter Class Session: Jan 9 - March 19
Spring Class Session: March 20 - May 28
Summer Class Session: May 29 - Aug 6
Summer Interim: Aug 7 - Sept 17
Fall Class Session: Sept 18 - Nov 26
Winter Interim: Nov 27, 2017 - Jan 6, 2018

Spring 2017 Classes: Signup Begins the Week of February 27

If you are in a class, would like to take the class in that time slot again in the Spring, and have not been in that class for three successive terms, bring a check with you to class the week of February 27th to register for the Spring term. Class lists will be posted at the end of each class that week, at which time others may sign up for the class. If you go to the studio at the end of a class to sign-up, please form a queue as there may not be sufficient space available for all comers.

Registration is at 2480 Bingham Street (no registration by mail is permitted). Please print out the Class Registration Form available on this website, the Clay Order Form (if you are ordering clay or tools), and attach a check covering your tuition and clay or tools. No sign-up without payment. We recommend calling the studio at 941-8108 in advance to ascertain whether the class in which you are interested still has openings.

People who have taken a class for three consecutive terms may either sign up for an alternative class (or as an Independent, if they are HPG members) or they can sign up on the wait list for the class they have been attending, in which case they may not sign up for an alternative class. Their priority on the wait list will be lower than that of non-three timers, in which case they may not sign up for an alternative class unless they wish to take both classes.

Spring 2017 Class Descriptions:  March 20 – May 28

  Monday 9:00 am – noon – Wheel – All Levels – Mark White 
  Monday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Wheel – All Levels –
    Supin Wongbusakarm    
  Tuesday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Hand Building – Joey Chiarello – All Levels
  Wednesday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm – Wheel – Ken Kang – All Levels   


  Wednesday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Wheel – All Levels – Gerald Toyama


  Friday 9:00 am – Noon – Wheel – All Levels – Pablo Tello 


  Saturday 9:00 am – Noon – Handbuilding – All Levels – Esther Nowell
Saturday 9am – 12:00 pm – Wheel - Jake Boggs – All Levels  

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