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About HPG

Hawai’i Potters’ Guild (HPG) is a non-profit organization committed to the support and development of ceramic arts and crafts.

HPG was founded in 1967 by several potters desiring to form an active center to “experience clay” for the community. Since then, it has grown into a thriving studio with many of its potters being active in the local arts scene.

The studio was established at its current location through an agreement with the Church of the Crossroads, whose mission also includes promoting community service and educational programs. The University of Hawai’i and the State Foundation for Culture and the Arts also provided support towards the founding of HPG.

In 2004, the studio underwent major renovations to improve the facility. In addition to providing a better working space, HPG also increased the number of classes and increased studio hours.

HPG welcomes anyone interested in learning and participating in the art of ceramics. For more information please contact the HPG studio.


To provide workshop facilities and classes for people in the State of Hawaii so that they will be able to learn the techniques of ceramics and work together in as free an atmosphere as possible; to encourage the highest standards in instruction and use of the best materials available; to provide such services on a non-profit basis financed by fees from classes and members, donations, grants, government funds, and fund-raising activities; to encourage a spirit of cooperativeness and community within the operation; and to cooperate with and encourage other such programs within the state.


Procedure Manual

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